Reading List- reblogged from KCL fem soc blog

Absolutely wonderful Reading List. Includes introductory articles on feminism and has books on difference themes including sex work, intersectionality, trans and so on. Read it!



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2 responses to “Reading List- reblogged from KCL fem soc blog

  1. Hello! Would you be interested in being included in the blog tour I am currently setting up to promote my book, Driven Women, just published on Kindle.

    Would you consider running either a brief review or an excerpt from the book on your blog? The excerpt can be of your own choosing, or I can supply you with one and, as such, be a guest blogger. Or, if you prefer, I can be available for a Q&A / interview.

    I would of course be happy to feature your blog on my own blog / website / twitter handle.

    I appreciate your considering this and hope you will participate! Please let me know at your earliest convenience, and I will have a copy of the book sent to you.

  2. Here is below a short description of the book:
    Scandalous? Maybe they are. Ambitious? Certainly. Fun? Absolutely.

    This book is not for the faint of heart: its heroines are true feminists, free-spirited, forward-thinking, modern women who are not afraid to go against social and moral conventions to get what they want – whether it is a career, a man or a family.

    When a lion-headed logo starts finding its way in Xavière, Galatea and Lena’s lives, it marks the beginning of a journey through which the three friends will discover what the notion of accomplishment truly means to each of them.

    Xavière works in venture capital in Silicon Valley, but her passion is endurance horseback riding – a passion she has more and more difficulty combining with her professional and family obligations. When she meets Ashish, a young and extremely successful African businessman, she starts seriously questioning those obligations.

    Galatea fights hard to climb to the highest level in the French nuclear industry. An unrepentant seductress exclusively attracted to men of power, she discovers that she can’t count on any of them when a strategic deal with Korea, her big chance to finally shine, mysteriously fails.

    Lena lives in Stockholm and is openly in search of a man of high status, with whom to have a baby and lead a fancy life – but is it really what she wants? Adopted from Korea as a baby, her only birth souvenir is a medallion with a lion-headed logo on it, around which much speculation will revolve as a sequence of events suggests that this medallion is nothing trivial – and neither are the origins of the young woman.

    Indeed, that Ashish’s company logo is a lion head, might only be a coincidence. And that Galatea’s deal went awry when she mentioned that very same lion-headed logo, might also only be a coincidence. Then again, it might not be.

    From a castle in France to the deserts of Dubai, from the arrogant Silicon Valley to distinguished Stockholm, from a pop concert in Seoul to a white-and-blue villa in Greece, the adventures of the three friends take us from family mystery, to love affairs and professional triumph.

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