What feminism is and what feminism isn’t?



Please read this article for the discussion on feminism between Wolf and Wyld.



by | January 26, 2014 · 11:24 am

7 responses to “What feminism is and what feminism isn’t?

  1. So the dictionaries have the definition of feminism wrong? This is a rather bold claim (but not necessarily untrue). Feminism is not advocacy for women’s Rights? In the 50 years of Modern Feminism, can you show me 5 or 10 examples of feminist activism that is not for women’s rights? I know of ONE example that may or may not do this (The film hasn’t been released yet).

    • MM

      The quotes are not the views of this blog but of the authors cited. They are not a critique of dictionary definitions.

      I posted these quotes because they are bold but also very different and illustrate their different takes on feminism which is a ongoing question within the movement.

      My personal opinion is that Wolf sees feminism as political and seems to be suggesting women are a group to be recognised whereas Wyld seems concerned with women identifying as feminists in the first place and of the pressure feminists may feel be be engaged in activism. Maybe this reflects the difference between 3rd and 4th wave feminists?

      • In the title, you ask what is feminism. Then you post two quotes that conflict with the dictionary definition of feminism. Unless your point is that neither Wolf nor Wyld know what feminism is, this is a critique of the dictionary definition.

      • MM

        Sorry, they clearly are a critique. Ignore that I said that. But what do you actually think of the quotes?

      • I think that both Wolf and Wyld have a vested financial interest (selling books) in fabricating confusion and obfuscating the problems of feminism. The problems with feminism are apparent if you actually look at the definition, so Both Wolf and Wyld try to define feminism not with a clear definition but with metaphor and feelings.

        I say the dictionary has it correct.

  2. sumflowerducky

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  3. Cal

    This, for the most part, is a truly brilliant article- I am a male feminist (yeah, they exist), and I particularly identified with the “pressured into actually doing stuff” part, as I would like to consider myself one, but I really don’t have enough time to get involved with SlutWalk and whatnot. One criticism I would have, however, is the discussion on porn. For one thing, the things about erectile dysfunction, etc. are actually, for the most part, myths (I’ve studied a lot about this) that actually relate to masturbation. While the sexist stuff about porn is interesting (“it’s men saying that we can turn you into objects whenever”, or something along those lines), I would personally disagree- for one thing, I actually believe that porn is empowering to women, when they choose the stuff that happens, as it says something along the lines of “we can have sex as much as you guys, we can fuck whom we want [i mean, assuming they consent]” (though, obviously, as a male, I’m not the most qualified on the subject). One also needs to consider the other porn types- the article seems to take a male/heteronormative perspective, rather than considering gay males, straight women, lesbian women, et cetera. Finally, I believe that even if it occasionally causes erectile dysfunction (it’s not that serious a problem, and even in positive studies only happens after excessive amounts), and even if it is somewhat sexist, I still believe that is no reason to ban it- one needs to remember freedom of speech. In conclusion, I’m really, really sorry I made half of my comment about porn instead of addressing the actual main issues in the article, and I know that might make it seem like I don’t care about women’s rights, but the thing is, I just wanted to clarify that. Besides, I’m pretty sure that most people here would agree with me about the other stuff, so it would be a bit boring if I just said what everybody else was thinking, wouldn’t it?

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